Managing Library Dependencies

You can easily add and update project dependencies using clj-refactor on your project.clj configuration file.

  • ap - Add a project dependency (library)
  • up - Update the project dependency versions
  • sp - Sort project dependencies
  • hd - Hotloads a library into the running REPL (called by ap)

If you are adding libraries as dependencies then you may wish to refactor the relevant namespace, as shown in the next section.

ap Add project dependency

Add a library to your project dependencies without having to browse separately for available libraries and versions.

Spacemacs Major mode Emacs Evil
SPC m r a p M-RET r a p C-c C-f a p , r a p

This function will lookup libraries from and maven central. As you type the name of the library any matching library names are listed. Once you select a library name, the available versions are listed.

The library is then added to the dependency vector of your Leiningen project.clj, or boot build.boot file.

Once the library is added as a dependency it is loaded into the REPL without having to restart (Hotloading).

When this function is called with a prefix, C-u, the artifact cache is refreshed synchronously.

The variable cljr-hotload-dependencies defaults to true and determines if new dependencies should be hotloaded or not.

up Update project dependency versions

You can update the version for each library in your Leiningen dependency configuration. Open the project.clj file and then run the up command

Spacemacs Major mode Emacs Evil
SPC m r u p M-RET r u p C-c C-f u p , r u p

Alternatively you can use lein-ancient plugin to update dependencicollections.mdes in your project.

Support for Boot projects is not currently available.

sp Sort project dependencies

Sorts all the libraries, alphabetically by name, in your project dependencies configuration.

Open the project.clj file and run the command:

Spacemacs Major mode Emacs Evil
SPC m r s p M-RET r s p C-c C-f s p , r s p

The project.clj file is changed to list the libraries in the :dependencies in alphabetical order.

hd Hotload dependency

Loads a specific library into the running REPL to avoid restarting.

As the command cljr-add-project-dependency hotloads the new dependency, this command is rarely required by itself

clj-refactor hotload dependency

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