Github Gists

Github Gists are really useful when you want to share a piece of code or configuration without setting up or sharing a complete a git project. Rather than copy & paste into a Github Gists website, you can create a Gist from any Spacemacs buffer with a single command.

Spacemacs Git menu

Creating a Gist from Spacemacs

The current buffer can be copied into a Github Gist using the command M-x gist-buffer.

Gist - create a Gist from the current buffer

You can also create a gist just from a selected region of the buffer. First select the region using C-SPC and run the command M-x gist-region.

Prompt for Github account details

If this is the first time using Github from Spacemacs, you will be prompted for your Github username & password. If you have already used Github from Spacemacs, then your account details will have been saved so you do not need to enter them each time.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • SPC g g b : create a public gist from the current Spacemacs buffer
  • SPC g g B : create a private gist from the current Spacemacs buffer
  • SPC g g r : create a public gist from the highlighted region
  • SPC g g R : create a private gist from the highlighted region
  • SPC g g l : list all gists on your github account

Replace SPC with M-m if you are using Holy mode

Updating a Gist

When you create a Gist from a buffer there is no direct link between your buffer and the Gist. So if you make changes to your buffer you want to share, you can generate a new gist using M-x gist-buffer & delete the original one (see listing & managing gists below).

Alternatively, once you have created a Gist, you can open that Gist in a buffer and make changes. When you save your changes in the Gist buffer, C-x C-s, the gist on is updated.

Listing & managing Gists

Use the command M-x gist-list or keybinding M-m g g l to show a list of your current Gists.

Spacemacs - Gist list

In the buffer containing the list of your gists, you can use the following commands in Emacs mode.

  • RETURN : opens the gist in a new buffer
  • g : reload the gist list from server
  • e : edit the gist description, so you know what this gist is about
  • k : delete current gist
  • b : opens the gist in the current web browser
  • y : show current gist url & copies it into the clipboard
  • * : star gist (stars do not show in gist list, only when browsing them on github)
  • ^ : unstar gist
  • f : fork gist - create a copy of your gist on
  • + : add a file to the current gist, creating an additional snippet on the gist
  • - : remove a file from the current gist

The Spacemacs Github layer adds the following key bindings for Vim

Normal Description Command
f open gist in another buffer gist-fetch-current
K delete current gist gist-kill-current
o open gist in your web browser gist-browse-current-url

Creating Gists from files with dird

If you open a dired buffer you can make gists from marked files, m, by pressing @. This will make a public gist out of marked files (or if you use with a prefix, it will make private gists)

Gist - create a gist from the marked files in dired

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