MaGit - Version Control

Magit is a very powerful and simple to use client for Git version control. Everything you can do on the command line can be done in Magit and you can also type Git commands too.

SPC g opens the Git menu.

Spacemacs Git menu

SPC g s is the equivalent of git status and opens the Magit client, providing full control over local and remote Git repositories.

Magit shows visual diffs of changes and lets you select files, hunks or just a single line to commit. Its easy to stage and unstage changes, then commit, amend, squash and rebase to your commit history. Browsing and searching through logs is easy and of course Magit can push and pull changes with remote repositories too.

Magit overview

Here is a quick demonstration of Magit in action where we stage and commit changes locally, then push those commits to Github

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