Changing commit History

Existing commit history can be modified with squash, fixup and augment.

The need to change history in Git should be minimal and should limited to fixing errors made in previous commits on your local repository.

Here are a few simple tools to help you change your local history.

Consentual Shared Remote History rewriting

If you need to change commit history on a share repository then think about how many people it is going to affect. If you really must change a shared git history, get consent from the people you will affect first.

It is much simpler to commit a new change that fixes the omission or error and let others pull that additional change.

Tools for changing history

Tool Magit Description
Augment c A Create a squash commit, editing the squash message
Squash c s see squash commits
Auto-squash c S see interactive rebasing
Fixup c f see interactive rebasing
Auto-fixup c F see interactive rebasing

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