Git Status

SPC g s runs Magit status, showing the changes you have in the git project the current buffer belongs too.

  • s to stage a change from the working directory - equivalent to git add
  • u to unstage a change from staging (so its no longer included in the next commit)
  • TAB toggles the expansion of changes in files/hunks
  • v select specific lines of the change to stage / unstage
  • g r refresh Magit status with any new changes.

Spacemacs Magit Status Exaple

Using Magit status directly

If you run git status from a file that is not currently in a git project, magit will prompt you to create a git project, allowing you to select the root of the project directory

  • confirm you want to create a git repository
  • specify where to create the repository, the root directory for the git repository

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