Structured Text

One of the benefits of the lisp style syntax of clojure is its very easy to navigate its structure, eg. parenthesis. You can easily jump between expressions as they are defined unambiguously.

This well defined structure makes it trivial to move expressions around, giving you a simple way to refactor the internals of your code.

Writing Structured Text

Spacemacs uses smart parens to help you write structured code really fast and also move expressions around. Smart parens is a newer implementation of the classic paredit package.

Manipulating Structured Text

Spacemacs includes an Evil lisp-state, SPC k . that is perfect for refactoring Clojure and any other lisp. In this lisp-state you can use single character commands to move symbols and expressions around without risking unmatched parenthesis or other structure characters.

TODO: Figure out the Evil / Spacemacs approach to slurp, barf, etc.

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