Clojure Layer Overview

The Clojure layer provides and full language support and tooling including, autocomplete, refactor, inspector and debug, etc.

This layer supports Clojure projects managed by Leiningen, Boot and Clojure CALI tools (deps.edn).

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CIDER is part of the Clojure layer

The Clojure layer is a collection of Emacs packages and curated configuration to ensure those packages work well together in Spacemacs. The biggest part of the Clojure layer is the CIDER package. Opening a Clojure file or adding the Clojure layer to Spacemacs will install the latest version of CIDER.

Features of the Clojure layer

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CIDER provides a comprehensive range of tools to create quality Clojure code.

Starting a REPL (Clojure runtime environment) from Spacemacs allows you to evaluate one or more expressions and see the results in your code buffer, giving extremely fast feedback on the behaviour of your code. You also have a separate REPL buffer that will evaluate expressions.


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  • inline error and warning highlighting, supporting joker and clj-kondo linters
  • human-friendly stack traces
  • smart code completion - auto-complete-mode
  • definition & documentation lookup
  • value inspector & function tracing
  • interactive macroexpansion
  • Run tests and generate reports - with clojure.test integration
  • classpath & namespace browser
  • nREPL session management
  • scratchpad
  • integration with company-mode

Further reading

Some further reading around CIDER:

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