Project and File Navigation

Projectile provides easy project management and navigation. A project is a directory containing a version control repository, e.g. .git or a Clojure project, eg. project.clj, pom.xml. A directory can be manually defined as a project by adding an empty .projectile file to it.

Some of Projectile's features:

  • jump to a directory, file or buffer in project
  • toggle between files with same names but different extensions
  • toggle between code and its test
  • recently visited files in the project
  • switch between projects you have worked on
  • kill all project buffers
  • replace in project
  • multi-occur in project buffers
  • grep in project
  • regenerate project etags or gtags (requires ggtags).
  • browse dirty version controlled projects

Spacemacs - Project menu

Looking for a file browser

If you are looking for a file browser to explore your directories and files, then try Neotree or Ranger.


Neotree provides a quick and simple way to navigate all the directories and files in a project.

To toggle the NeoTree buffer, press SPC f t or SPC p t (the latter opens NeoTree with the root set to the projectile project root).

To select the NeoTree window at any time, press SPC 0. The NeoTree window always has the number 0.

Spacemacs - Neotree example

Version control is supported and file colours will change depending on its current state, e.g. green for new files, purple for modified files.


Navigate directories and view contents of files quickly and easily, using standard Vi keybindings, j, k, l and h. Ranger is great for quickly looking through files, thanks to its preview option.

Spacemacs - Ranger directory and file navigation

Discover more about ranger in the working with projects section.

Ranger is also a terminal based file manager

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