Transient State menus

Transient-states allow similar commands to be run in succession without repeatedly pressing the key.

Transient-states are usually triggered by using a keybinding with the following pattern: <Leader> <group> . where group is the category the transient-state falls under.

Spacemacs uses hydra to set up temporary states with menus to allow you to do specific tasks. Examples of transient state menus

  • SPC b . - buffer management
  • SPC e . - errors
  • SPC k . - lisp
  • SPC w . - window management
  • SPC z x - zoom text size
  • C-c C-f h h - clj-refactor

When in a transient-state you will see documentation at the bottom of your window. To exit a transient-state press q.

Transient State - scaling text

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