Working with Projects

You can navigate the directories of your project using find files, as we have seen with opening a file. This works well when adding individual files as you work on them. You can then switch between these files using buffer commands, SPC b

Spacemacs - Buffer menu

File, Buffer and Project menus

Spacemacs gives you several options for managing the files in your project and you will use commands from the following menus

  • File
  • Buffer
  • Project

When starting a new project, you can use the File menu to open a file from the project, eg. project.clj. Once one file is open from a project you can use the Project menu to open a file, SPC p f or switch to the buffer of other file, SPC p b.

When you want to switch to an already open file outside the project you can use the Buffer menu, SPC b b.

If you want to open a file outside of the current project, then use the File menu to find the file, SPC f f.

When creating a new file, use the File Find command, SPC f f and enter the full path and name of the new file. You are prompted to confirm that you want a new file created.

NeoTree: a visual file browser

If you prefer to use a visual browser, like an operating system file browser, you can use NeoTree.

Classic Emacs file management

  • dird

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