Working with Projects

Spacemacs gives you several options for managing the files in your project and you will use commands from the following menus

File menu

File menu contains general functions such as find, copy, delete, rename, sudo-edit, bookmarks.

Spacemacs - File menu

Buffer menu

Buffer menu manages what files and other information are displayed in buffers.

Spacemacs - Buffer menu

Project (Projectile) menu

Project menu narrows file find to the current project (e.g. local git project) and other project functions.

Spacemacs - Project menu

Once one file is open from a project you can use the Project menu to open other files, SPC p f

Read the Reference: Projectile for more details.

File browsers / managers

NeoTree and Ranger are file managers that help you browse through files and directories.


Spacemacs - Ranger file manager

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