Buffer management

Buffers manage the display of files and other information. Opening a file replaces the content in the current buffer.

Spacemacs Buffer menu

Listing open buffers

Use SPC b b to select an open buffer that is not currently displayed. A helm pop-up window appears at the bottom listing all open buffers. The helm popup window also shows recently opened buffers.

Spacemacs - Buffer menu - List Buffers - Helm Mini buffer

Using the buffer menu, SPC b b you can switch to any buffer currently open, especially useful for those buffers that are not currently being shown in a window.

You can also delete any of the currently open buffers when you no longer need them.

Buffer Transient State

If you want to manage multiple buffers then the buffer transient state is idea, SPC b .

With a single key you can cycle quickly through all open buffers, forward with n or backwards with either N or p.

Use k to kill the current buffer.

Spacemacs - Buffer Tranisent State

Vim Normal Description
SPC b . Enter buffer transient state
n Show next buffer
N or p Show previous buffer
q Quit the buffer transient state

Kill buffers using buffer menu

The buffer transient state is the simplest way to delete buffers, however if there are a large number of buffers you wish to delete then using the buffer helm-mini menu.

Open the buffer helm-mini menu with SPC b b.

Navigate to any buffer names you want to delete by moving the cursor with C-j and C-k.

Mark a buffer for deletion using C-SPC

Once you have marked all the buffers, use M-D to delete the marked buffers.

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