Add a new file

Creating a new file is almost the same as opening a file.

Navigate to the desired path for the file using the following commands, then type the name of the new file. You are prompted to confirm the creation of the new file.

You can also create a directory in the same way. If you type the name of the new directory and new file, then both will be created.

Spacemacs Emacs Evil Command
SPC f f C-x C-f , f f spacemacs/helm-find-file

Auto-renaming Files for kebab-case namespace

When you create a new file for a namespace that has multiple words, then convention is to use kebab-case to separate the words.

However, due to a limitation with the Java Virtual Machine class loader, filenames should not include dashes, rather they should use underscore characters instead.

So when you create a new file for a kebab-case namespace, Spacemacs will ask if you want to change the filename to use underscores for the dashes in the name. Say yes to keep the Java class loader happy.

TODO: gif of creating a new file - use kebab-case filename to show auto-renaming.


You can also use other Emaacs ways to create files

  • dird
  • neotree

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