Visualising UK Covid19 data with Clojure and Oz

March 13, 2020
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Discover how to use Oz, a Clojure library for visualising data, to build a dashboard of information about the Covid19 virus from available UK data.

practicalli/covid19-dashboard contains the code from this article.

Data science is about gathering meaningful data and presenting that data in meaningful ways, enabling business or communities to have tools to better understand a stituation. Data sets are often flawed and visualisation open to interpretation, so no clear picture is offered about the current Covid19 pandemic.

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Web Scraping with Clojure - Scraping Hacker News

March 13, 2020
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Enlive is a Clojure library that can be used for generating dynamic server-side content as well as scraping websites.

Scraping websites is sometimes required when they do not provide an API. Although Hacker News does have an API, will show how to scrape its website using Enlive's selectors.

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Spacemacs - raising issues and pull requests

February 14, 2020
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Contributing to Spacemacs is very much a community activity and we can all help the maintainers continue to make Spacemacs an excellent experience for everyone.

With a few simple tips, its easy to report issues and create pull requests that are ready to merge into Spacemacs develop.

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Ubuntu install on Lenovo X1 Extreme 2nd Gen with RAID

December 15, 2019
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A successful installation of Ubuntu 19.10 on the Lenovo X1 Extreme (gen2) laptop, configured with 2 solid state hard drives configured for RAID-0 with LLVM encrypted partitions. , along with The laptop is configured with 32Gb memory and 2 SSDs in RAID-0 configuration for speed

This laptop will be used for real-time video encoding for the Practicalli broadcasts via YouTube as well as doing some data science in Clojure.

This was a very smooth installation and all the hardware works correctly. The nVidia open source drivers and WiFi adaptor did cause a little extra work, so I have included tips and troubleshooting guides to help you reslove these issues quickly.

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Practicalli YouTube Website

December 7, 2019
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YouTube is great service for sharing your video content across the world. However, the user experience is highly focused on discovering lots of different content in an adhoc manner. The user experience is not so great when you wish to curate a series of videos.

YouTube has a very detailed API which can be used to create a website to provide your own user experience, so lets start building a website with Clojure.

All code is available on the practicalli/youtube-website repository.

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