Ubuntu install on Lenovo X1 Extreme 2nd Gen with RAID

15 December 2019
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A successful installation of Ubuntu 19.10 on the Lenovo X1 Extreme (gen2) laptop, configured with 2 solid state hard drives configured for RAID-0 with LLVM encrypted partitions. , along with The laptop is configured with 32Gb memory and 2 SSDs in RAID-0 configuration for speed

This laptop will be used for real-time video encoding for the Practicalli broadcasts via YouTube as well as doing some data science in Clojure.

This was a very smooth installation and all the hardware works correctly. The nVidia open source drivers and WiFi adaptor did cause a little extra work, so I have included tips and troubleshooting guides to help you reslove these issues quickly.

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Practicalli YouTube Website

07 December 2019
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YouTube is great service for sharing your video content across the world. However, the user experience is highly focused on discovering lots of different content in an adhoc manner. The user experience is not so great when you wish to curate a series of videos.

YouTube has a very detailed API which can be used to create a website to provide your own user experience, so lets start building a website with Clojure.

All code is available on the practicalli/youtube-website repository.

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re:Clojure - the Clojure community conference for all

03 December 2019
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re:Clojure was a rapidly assembled conference created by several of the London Clojurian community members, after the closing of SkillsMatter who for 8 years ran an a Clojure conference in London. Luckily many of the speakers were available to talk at the this new conference and several members of the community made it all happen, with the help of lots of wonderful sponsors

All the talks were recorded and videos will be published soon, so subscribe to the re:Cojure YouTube channel and be notified when they are available.

Here are some of my highlights from the re:Clojure conference.

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Clojure Advent Of Code - a fun way to learn

02 December 2019
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Advent of Code is the annual coding challenge with a festive theme. Each day there is a new challenge in two parts, the first fairly easy the second a little more involved. The challenges are an investment of your time to complete them all, although even trying just a few is enough to help you think in different ways.

Every programming language requires regular practice to maintain your skills. A full time developer role gives you lots of opportunities to practice every day, however, its often focused in around solving problems within a specific business domain, with little time to explore others. The Advent of Code puts you in a different domain, so its great for extending your coding experiences.

Solving challenges in a different language is another great way to extend your experiences, so here are some tips and examples for solving the advent of code in Clojure.

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Advent Of Parens 2019 - feast on Clojure this holiday season

01 December 2019
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The holiday season is know for over indulge, so why not stuff your head full of Clojure and functional programming. Its far healthier than the alternatives :)

To help you indulge, Arne from LambdaIsland, Bobby Towers, Alexander Oloo and I are writing a blog post each day as part of the Advent Of Parens 2019 celebration. Every day we plan to publish a short posts that share tips and experiences with functional programming and Clojure.

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