Practicalli YouTube Website

07 December 2019
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YouTube is great service for sharing your video content across the world. However, the user experience is highly focused on discovering lots of different content in an adhoc manner. The user experience is not so great when you wish to curate a series of videos.

YouTube has a very detailed API which can be used to create a website to provide your own user experience, so lets start building a website with Clojure.

All code is available on the practicalli/youtube-website repository.

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Advent Of Parens 2019 - feast on Clojure this holiday season

01 December 2019
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The holiday season is know for over indulge, so why not stuff your head full of Clojure and functional programming. Its far healthier than the alternatives :)

To help you indulge, Arne from LambdaIsland, Bobby Towers, Alexander Oloo and I are writing a blog post each day as part of the Advent Of Parens 2019 celebration. Every day we plan to publish a short posts that share tips and experiences with functional programming and Clojure.

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Consuming APIs from Clojure

30 November 2019
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When getting results from API calls, its very common to recieve data in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

Once we have the JSON data, it is converted to a Clojure data structure to use the hundreds of functions in clojure.core that can readily transform the shape of that data.

We can process this with the library and community projects including cheshire and transit.

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Clojure Webapp routing and APIs with JSON

23 November 2019
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Defining routes for a Clojure webapps is easy with the Compojure library and we can also serve JSON to create a simple API. All this is built on the Clojure webserver we built in the previous article.

Compojure has a defroutes macro that provides a simple way to define routes and there are other convienience functions that make routing very straight forward.

We can also add transit and other libraries to help manage JSON.

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Clojure web server from scratch with deps.edn

15 November 2019
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Discover how to build a Clojure web server from the ground up using Clojure CLI tools to create and run the project and deps.edn to manage the dependencies.

There are many Clojure web server projects created with Leiningen, thanks to all the tutorials and templates available.

This project will be used to build a web server that will serve our API, which we will build in future posts and study group broadcasts.

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