Clojure Repl

The Clojure REPL is the live execution environment in which your Clojure code runs. Having a REPL connected during development of your code gives you instant feedback on its behaviour. Clojure developers always code with a REPL.

Spacemacs Clojure REPL Start Up

Quick start

You can run a Clojure REPL from Emacs or connect to an existing REPL (ie. run from a command line).

To run a Clojure or Clojurescript REPL:

Spacemacs Major mode Emacs Evil Command
SPC m s i M-RET s i C-c M-j , s i cider-jack-in
SPC m s I M-RET s I , s I cider-jack-in-clojurescript
SPC m s s M-RET s s C-c C-z , s s switch between repl and code
SPC m s q M-RET s q C-c C-q , s q cider-quit

There are shortcut versions of the following keybindings, as these commands are called so often.

  • SPC m ' - for a Clojure REPL
  • SPC m " - for a Clojurescript REPL

This section contains more information on running REPL's

Example of running REPL

Spacemacs Clojure REPL Buffer

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