Clojure Repl

Clojure developers always code with a running REPL.

The Clojure REPL is a live environment in which your Clojure code runs. Using a REPL to develop your code gives you instant feedback on its behaviour and supports rapidly evolving design.

Clojure developers can use the REPL to run a whole file of code, or just a single expression

Quick start (Vim normal state)

, ' or , s i to start a REPL from a Clojure code file, *.clj.

. e e to evaluate the previous Clojure expression

, e f to show the results of evaluating the current Clojure expression

REPL keybindings

Vim Normal Command
, ' or , s i cider-jack-in
, " or , s I cider-jack-in-clojurescript
, s s switch between repl and code
, s q cider-quit

Clojure REPL tools

M-x cider-repl-require-repl-utils adds the REPL utility functions apropos, dir, dir-fn, doc, find-doc and source into the current REPL namespace.

These REPL utility functions are included in the user namespace by default. See the clojure.repl api documentation for full details

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