Getting started with Spacemacs

With Emacs 25.1 installed, simply clone or download the Spacemacs configuration, first moving any existing ~/.emacs.d Emacs configuration out of the way.

Use your favourite git client or the following command in a terminal window:

git clone --recursive ~/.emacs.d

Then run Emacs as normal. Spacemacs will start installing a few key packages and then go on to ask you how you want your Spacemacs.

Installing Emacs


Emacs is available via the Ubuntu software manager. To get the latest version you should install the package called emacs25 or greater. Installing the emacs package may install an earlier version.

sudo apt-get install emacs25


The recommended way to install Emacs for MacOSX is to use the GNU port of Emacs called emacs-plus, available via Homebrew

brew install emacs-plus

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