Refactor Clojure Code

There are several approaches you can take for refactoring

Approach Usage
narrowing refactor in function on region (usually with iedit)
iedit refactor in current namespace
helm project wide refactor (usually with iedit)
clj-refactor clojure specific refactor commands (optional package in Clojure layer)
lisp mode A state for smartparents structural editing

Any general refactoring, such as changing names, can be done with iedit, narrowing and helm.

Clojure specific refactor commands are in the clojure mode refactor menu, . r provided by the package clj-refactor.

structural editing via the SPC k lisp state uses smartparens to alter the your code whist respecting the structure, as defined by parens, [ ] { } ( ) and even " ".

Add example video of refactoring

Add a video with some common examples of refactoring in action. Here is a general Emacs and clj-refactor example in the mean time

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