Navigating code

Jumping, marks, code folding and searching are effective ways of navigating a codebase.

Rather than use the arrow keys to move character by character or line by line, Spacemacs enables you to move around much quicker

General Tools

Use Evil normal mode to quickly jump around your code.

Keybindings Description
SPC j j Jump to given character(s) in any window of current frame - more characters narrow matches
SPC j C Jump to first unbalanced parens
SPC j c or ' ' Jump to last change
m x , ' x Create marker called x, jump to marker called x (use any alphabet character) (see markers section)
# Symbol highlight transient state - navigate symbol names, iedit, swoop
/ Search in current buffer - RTN to confirm search pattern, n/N to navigate between matches
SPC / Search in project - use C-j/k to navigate in results

Code Folding

Folding code hides away details, so you can just look at the function definitions and data structures of interest on the same screen.

Keybindings Description
z or SPC z . folding code blocks

z opens a menu to allow you to un/fold your code quickly.

Spacemacs Zoom menu

SPC z . is the code fold transient menu should you wish to un/fold code many times.

See the code folding section for more details.

Structured Editing

SPC k - navigating structure (also see structural editing)

hjkl to navigate the cursor along the parens

Spacemacs Structured Editing - Lisp state menu

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