Improving Clojure code

Work in progress

Clojure can be kept consistently easy to read and idiomatic by using a few additional tools

Tool Description
Linter Reports on code errors
Static analyser Suggests idiomatic use of Clojure
Formatter Formats the code for readability


Common linting tools includes

  • Joker - standalone tool, simple to use, not Clojure complete though.
  • Eastwood - leiningen plugin
    • squiggly-clojure to run Eastwood automatically from Emacs (repeatedly reloads your code in the repl, so need to ensure your code is happy with that).

Static analyser

Kibit is a commonly used static analyser for Clojure projects, suggesting changes to the code it analyses to make it more idiomatic.


A consistent format of your code base makes it much more readable and therefore understandable by the development team.

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